5 Great Sites for Premium WordPress Templates

1)      Elegant Themes

  1. Elegant Themes offers over 75 different WordPress themes. They have great SEO capabilities straight out of the box as well. A great thing about there themes is that once you have become familiar with one, they all work pretty much the same. Elegant themes sells memberships and not individual themes. Currently a years membership is only $39, really this is about as good as its gets.

2)      StudioPress

  1. Studio Press is my personal favorite. Their themes are not flashy, but the online community is incredible. I don’t believe that there is anything that you could possibly want to do to your Studio Press WordPress site that isn’t already in their tutorials or discussion boards. Studiopress also has the best built in SEO period.
  2. Studiopress has two pricing options, you can buy their themes individually or you can buy access to all of their themes. Individually their themes will run you around $100, while access to all of their themes goes for $349.95.

3)      Theme Forest

  1. The awesome thing about theme forest is that their themes are priced great. For roughly $35 you can get a great WordPress theme. The organization on their site has definitely leaves something to be desired and well as the initial previews of their sites. When you do a search it can be very hard to tell what you are looking at until you actually click on the preview link.

4)      Woo Themes

  1. Woo Themes has over 100 great WordPress themes to choose from. These themes are well optimized for SEO and look great. Their standard package starts at $70.

5)      PageLines

  1. PageLines is unique because they have created a drag and drop WordPress theme. In theory this seems very cool. But in the end, many of us are just not designers. I personally like themes that already look great and I can customize to fit my needs. For the right person though, this is a great option. Pagelines is a bit more expensive at $197, but if you need specific customization, this is your answer.

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